The Project

  • The Deadly Link is an investigative documentary film on the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence. This connection is often referred to as “the link.”
  • The purpose of this documentary is to expose these issues of public safety and human welfare to a world-wide audience.
  • The film will also serve as an educational tool for police and animal care officers, social service providers, lawyers, doctors, utility meter readers, and veterinarians among others, who during the course of their jobs will learn to better identify signs of abusive behavior toward both humans and animals.


Why is this film important?

  • 74% of female victims of abuse, who have companion animals, report that their animals have been threatened, injured or killed by the abuser.
  • Approximately 50%-70% of victims delay leaving an abusive home because they fear their animals will be harmed or killed (for those who have no place to go that accepts animals).
  • 83% of families with a history of animal abuse have become identified by social service agencies as also at risk for child abuse and neglect.
  • 32% of battered women report their children had hurt or killed animals.

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“In a violent family, anyone can be a victim, including the family dog or cat. Violent acts are not separate or distinct – they develop in similar patterns and have similar characteristics.”

– Animal Protection of New Mexico


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