Great News about “The Deadly Link”!

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Hello to our Film Family!

We have some great news about the film project that we will share later in this update.

From Nina:

 Hello everyone.  I hope this update finds you all happy and healthy and ready for a great summer!

Since beginning this film, I have had a couple life changing events.  I retired from Albuquerque Public Schools in 2013.  Then, in 2015 I fell in love – with a little toy poodle named Bruno.  He has become my friend and companion and gets me out from the computer and walking!!

He was a little scruffy when he first came to me.  This is a picture of him that first night, Saturday.  Sunday morning I found an open groomer and he got a short haircut.






And this is Bruno today, at his favorite dog park, doing one of his favorite things – climbing up the A-Frame and surveying the park.  I can honestly say Bruno has enriched my life beyond measure, and when I’m on the computer working on The Deadly Link, he’s right by my side – becoming our silent partner!

As we have continued from that first filming in 2012, Sheryl (Executive Producer) and I came to the conclusion that we also needed to add the impact on children who witness domestic violence and/or animal abuse, or are abused themselves, because this exposure can lead to their committing acts of abuse that often begins with animals.  Sheryl is also the one who came up with our slogan: “If you could stop the violence where it starts…would you?”


Filming on The Deadly Link was completed at the end of 2015, and as we worked on the footage and script, we continued to seek donations for the post-production funds to bring the film to completion.

We are happy to announce that Nina has acquired the funds needed to bring the film to final edit.  We are getting back to work on the script, and when in final format our wonderful editor, Brad, will put it all together!  So it’s not impossible to finally see this film completed this Fall!!! We still need to raise a smaller amount to help with film screenings (theatre rentals are not free, unfortunately) and other distribution costs, but we’ll talk about that another time.  We are so relieved at this turn of events for this important project!

From Nina and Bruno and The Deadly Link gang – Bye for now!