May 2015 Updates

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So, what happened this past year?

  • We continued our search/work for finishing funds through grant proposals, contacting corporations for sponsorships, individual donations, selling T-Shirts, etc.
  • Changes and additions have been made to our website and Facebook page, with the help of Angie Beauchamp, our Exec. Producer in charge of social media.
  • Nina attended three animal-related events in New Mexico to promote the documentary.
  • Nina Knapp (Exec. Producer/Director/Writer) and Sheryl Brown (Exec. Producer) were guest speakers at the 2014 New Mexico Conference on The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were well-received and raised $1200 in donations and T-shirt sales.
  • Nina and Robin Gomez (Production Assistant) traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to interview staff at the Rose Brooks Domestic Violence Shelter. We hired a small crew from Lawrence, Kansas to help film these interviews and the facilities. We were also able to interview the woman who sparked Rose Brooks into accepting family pets, “McKenzie” and her Great Dane “Hank.” It was a very moving interview.
Nina with “Hank,” the first dog to stay at Rose Brooks.

Nina with “Hank,” the first dog to stay at Rose Brooks.


  • While in Kansas City we also interviewed Amanda Good, Director of HSUS – Missouri, and Heddie Leger with KC-CAN about their amazing work on issues related to “the link.”
  • RedRover provided our team with a $2500 grant for the Kansas City trip, which helped the production pay for the crew we hired and a few other expenses. Without this grant, we would not have been able to get this great footage, so we are very grateful to They also gave us the opportunity to interview Esperanza Zuniga of RedRover about the grants they are able to provide to DV (domestic violence) shelters in order to support victims and their animals.
  • Completed principal photography, including the rough footage for a second actor dramatization. We hope to collect a few more shots of B-Roll footage to be used with voice-overs.
  • Nina has been going over hours and hours of footage, with the help of Ty Beh and Nick Miller, and transcribing the interviews. The next step is writing the script with these transcriptions in hand. This helps us determine scene and interview sequences, and determine what additional B-Roll we need to collect.
  • With the wonderful assistance of Brad Stoddard, our Editorial Supervisor and also a Producer of the film, we have posted two new trailers on our website at . We hope you will go and check them out, if you haven’t already. And while you are there, look over the rest of the revamped website.
  • And, lastly, we have a new poster that may become our DVD cover when the film is completed. (see final page)

We thank you all for supporting us in this endeavor, and for your continued support and patience as we continue to move forward. As always, helping us spread the word about our project is very much appreciated.






On behalf of The Deadly Link production team