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May 24, 2013 Update

Hello to our Film Family!

It’s been awhile since you received an update from us. There has been a lot going on with all of our crew, and we wanted to give you some highlights.

We recently interviewed a woman, who shall go by the name “Olga,” who talked with us about her life as a child and the constant physical and sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, and also about his torture of family pets. It is such a compelling story, and we believe her story will greatly impact everyone who will see our film. Olga recently rescued a neighborhood chicken from a hungry coyote. (see photo below), and named her “Lefty” since the right wing was damaged. Lefty is now part of Olga’s family.

Lefty, the lucky chicken

Lefty, the lucky chicken

Nina recently visited an elementary school in Albuquerque to photograph Sherry Mangold of Animal Protection New Mexico. Sherry is part of an educational program which provides programs to elementary schools that cover topics such as animal care, bullying, and “the Link.” One of Sherry’s companion animals, Sophie, is part of the school presentations. Sophie came into Sherry’s life one night after Sophie and her original owner were stabbed by an abuser. Sophie’s story will be filmed on May 31st, in a more extensive interview with Sherry. (See photo below.)

Sophie and Sherry

Sophie and Sherry


The Executive Producers of THE DEADLY LINK are working on a number of aspects for the film project: lining up the interviews and networking that has gotten us quite a bit of media coverage, and investigating and approaching potential funders/corporate sponsors to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the project. Angie is re-building our website as it was hacked a few weeks ago. Sheryl is working closely with Nina (who is also the Director), on coordinating the interview and crew schedules (which sometimes feels like herding cats). Brad Stoddard, our Editor, and Nina, have begun going through film footage, and have also re-edited our original trailer. We’ll post this revised trailer soon. Nina was interviewed by KUNM radio for the Women’s Focus program. Angie posted the MP3 of this interview to our website here. It was an interesting interview with Carol Boss of Women’s Focus, and Laura Bonar who is the Program Director of Animal Protection New Mexico. We think you will enjoy the interview.

We invite you to join us on Facebook at . We make regular postings on Facebook, with film updates and interesting and related news and articles. It helps to have a strong following in social media outlets such as Facebook as we approach potential Corporate Sponsors. So we hope you will consider joining us there.

Thank you for staying with us as we move forward.