RedRover – September 2014
RedRover has joined up with The Deadly Link, a new investigative documentary on the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence. The documentary is meant to educate police officers, social service providers, veterinarians and other investigators about the connection on different forms of abuse and help them work together to stop it.
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RedRover Companion – Summer 2014
Animal abuse is a horrible crime, but did you know that its discovery can help investigators uncover further abuse in the home?
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The Bosque Beast – August 2013
New Mexico may rank at the bottom of many national measures, but not when it comes to animal abuse. Our state is among the five kindest to animal abusers, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Not coincidentally, New Mexico also harbors a fair share of domestic violence. According to 2010 data on gun violence from the Center for American Progress, we rank seventh among states for women killed by men, and seventh for children mur­dered with guns. Statistics like these are noth­ing to be proud of, which is why former educator Nina Knapp has devoted herself to a documentary film project called The Deadly Link.
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Animal Advocates – May 5, 2013
New Mexico organizations are working hard to assist all of the victims and to educate adults and children about the deadly link. Animal Protection of New Mexico’s Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) program is a network of safe havens for the animals of domestic violence victims in New Mexico. Award winning screen writer Nina Knapp is working in New Mexico to stop this violence with her documentary film, The Deadly Link.
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Women’s Focus Interview – April 2013
Nina Knapp, Director of THE DEADLY LINK, and Laura Bonar, Program Director for Animal Protection New Mexico (, were interviewed by Carol Boss, host and producer of “Women’s Focus” on public radio station KUNM, 89.9 FM. “Women’s Focus” airs on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and occasional 5th) Saturdays of each month and can also be heard streaming live on the web at
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Albuquerque the Magazine – February 2013
“Protecting People and Pets”
How one local film crew took on an especially difficult topic. Nina Knapp has witnessed some disturbing stories; they’re what drove her to make the film, The Deadly Link.
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Albuquerque Journal – Nov. 18, 2012
“Cruelty to animals manifests in violence toward people”
Nina Knapp and producer Sheryl Brown have begun work on a feature-length documentary called The Deadly Link. The film will present the stories of cruelty and compassion behind the scientific evidence that links animal abuse and human violence, which includes domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. Production has begun, and the filmmakers hope to have the film out in 2013.
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National Link Coalition’s LINK-Letter – Nov. 13, 2012
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New Mexico Film Works Interview – Nov. 3, 2012
Dirk’s guests this week are Sheryl Brown and Nick Ward talking about a documentary on the link between animal abuse and domestic violence.
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