The Deadly Link

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  • The Deadly Link is a documentary film about the connection between animal abuse and human violence (domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse).
  • The purpose of this documentary is to bring the issue of animal abuse in violent homes, and possible solutions, to the attention of a worldwide audience.
  • It will also be an educational/training tool for social service providers, police officers, mail carriers, utility meter readers, animal control officers, veterinarians, family physicians, clergy, civic groups, politicians, and more.
  • 32% of battered women report that their children had hurt or killed animals. We need to help stop this cycle.
  • We are a group of filmmakers who really care about helping the animals who are the victims in violent homes – and the people who are not always able to protect their pets from batterers.

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We need your help!

  • The funds raised will go towards the direct production costs of this film, including visits to animal shelters and domestic violence shelters that are providing space for pets caught in violent homes.
  • Travel costs to interview important experts on this issue will also be covered. If we surpass our funding goal, those funds will go toward post-productions costs.
  • Any funds raised will go towards the film. We are committed to making this important educational resource.


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The Participants

  • Phil Arkow: Coordinator of the National Link Coalition; Consultant for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Diane Balkin: Contract Attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Ann Beyke: Pet loss and bereavement counselor who has counseled survivors of domestic violence.
  • Dianne Combs Daniels: Social Worker, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Amber McDonald: Founder of The Kindness Collective
  • Patricia Norris, DVM: Sheriff’s Veterinarian for the Dona Ana County (New Mexico) Sheriff’s Department
  • Núria Querol Viñas, MD: Director of the Group for the Study of Violence Against Humans and Animals, and the Program for Victims of Domestic Violence and their Companion Animals, Spain
  • Tamara H. Ward, LBSW: Developed Project Second Chance, a program that teams incarcerated youth with shelter dogs


“In a violent family, anyone can be a victim, including the family dog or cat. Violent acts are not separate or distinct – they develop in similar patterns and have similar characteristics.”*


The Team

    • Nina Knapp: Writer/Director/Executive Producer
    • Angie Beauchamp: Executive Producer
    • Sheryl Brown: Producer
    • Ty Beh and Tammy Fiebelkorn: Assistant Producers
    • Nicholas Ward: Line Producer
    • Jeffrey Mettling: Composer/Sound Design
    • Fritz Eberle: Director of Photography
    • Dane Benko, Nathan Bancroft and Sarah Northrup: Camera Operators
    • Robert Russell and Sarah Leamy: Camera Assists
    • Alex Raguini: Sound
    • Manny Luera and Paul Lucero: Grips
    • Marge Maio: Set Photographer
    • Pamela Pierce, Terry Hicks and Julia Macry: Production Assistants
    • Brad Stoddard: Editor

The Deadly Link Filmmakers

The Impact

  • A documentary on The Link will be an invaluable tool in efforts to educate the public about this vital issue and will help raise the issue to a new level of awareness.
  • We are award winning filmmakers, producers, writers and animal welfare activists who are giving of their time to this important issue. Thank you for helping us educate others!


“Animal cruelty in a home is usually a clue that other forms of violence are also taking place.” *


*Animal Protection of New Mexico